1st Morecambe & Heysham

Activities 2020


Dear 1st Morecambe & Heysham member

This is not going to be the year that many of us probably assumed it would a month or two ago.

I am sure you will soon wish you had more to do. On this page I am preparing to give you ideas for activities but also try and create a way that we can share what we are doing safely.

I apologise that this is taking a little longer than anticipated but I want to make sure it gives us the facilities to share safely online together.

The aim for it to provide ideas for activities that you can do at home but share together. Some of these activities will be part of your BB awards for this year. It is also thought that we could have a time when we all log onto the web together and share for an hour using one of the video conferencing tools.

Perhaps we could have an online homework club

If you have any ideas let me know via an email to me on the last letter I sent out

Keep checking this page and I will soon let you have access to an online forum just for you where you can share these things together

At our last meeting we prayed that we will meet this invisible but serious challenge with sense and kindness. Let us help and encourage each other and those around us.

Watch this space